That's how e.GO Digital works: a field report

That's how e.GO Digital works - are you in?

You think about joining e.GO Digital? Great idea! Whether permanent employment, internship or student assistant: You are very welcome here! My start at e.GO Digital was not long ago and I would like to share my still fresh impressions with you. Have fun reading :)


Full fruit baskets, crazy team photos and cheerful evenings at the Aachen Christmas Market - the digital world is more colourful than you might think.

e.GO Digital proves that software development is not a lonely desk job. On the contrary, it consists of scrawled whiteboards and heated discussions over pizza - simply teamwork. Creating an app or related service requires many different skills and perspectives. For example, it needs business developers who can find market gaps. It needs designers who develop concepts in cooperation with the other disciplines and finally give the concept a face. And it needs developers who breathe life into the designs so that the customer receives a functional product. But „functional" is not the same as „super easy“ and „great to use". How can we ensure that people experience the app as extraordinary? And how do we (and the customer himself) know what they actually want?


The difference between a working and a good product: UX

That's where we come in. We, this is the current four-person user experience (UX) team of e.GO Digital. I have been working as an intern at the interface between design, management and development for two months now. UX means that the product is easy to use, understandable to any potential user, and that it contains all necessary functions and only the functions that the user really needs. In short: We make sure that it is fun to use the product. Our everyday life is often a balancing act between the different disciplines. We are the mouthpiece of the users and communicate their needs to the other departments. If we were not closely interlocked in every product or project step, this would not work. In this dynamic environment, everyone has the chance to shape the success of the company. I e.g. have co-authored guidelines for user interviews and got my own design project with a developer. A colleague who wrote an important part of software as a student was allowed to release this app for public download in the App Store. Here, everyone can (and is encouraged to) make a decisive contribution to the products and the team!


Nobody's perfect - and we don't even want to be;)

Two years ago there were just a handful of employees, today we are almost forty mate tea-slurping coding heads, environmentally conscious design freaks and perfectionist power-point engineers alias digital entrepreneurs. You only have to take a look at the team photos to realize that it is not our claim to be average. Fresh fruit, chilled lemonade, spin in the e.GO Life and joint after-work activities do the rest to create a cheeky, dynamic, cheerful environment in which everyone can be productive in their own way.


Time to say goodbye - What do I take with me?

My internship ends in three weeks, and I'm going back to college. What did I learn? As an intern I can make a considerable contribution to the whole product development process. Cool results come better in a team than alone. And celebrating success together is more fun than congratulating yourself on a good exam.
Now it's your turn! Just take a look at our open vacancies or send us an unsolicited application. Even though I will not attend your start at e. GO Digital, the others are already looking forward to meet you.


Best regards