An alternative app for the e.GO Life was designed at the University of Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf: The results are impressive!

The project: As part of a semester project, an alternative app to the vehicle was developed for the e.GO Life at the Media Department of the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences (HSD) during the past winter semester 2019/20. Six students of the bachelor's and master's courses in Media Informatics took on this task and developed a "Companion App". On the part of the university, the project was carried out under the direction of Prof. Dr. Markus Dahm (Computer Science and Software Ergonomics). While working on it, three variants were created, which show possibilities for providing information about cars, driving, entertainment and other added values especially for electric cars - all combined in one app.

The result: The e.GO Life is fully networked via a telematics unit. Drivers will have an app provided in the future, in which they will find all the relevant data about their vehicle, such as an overview of consumption and costs as well as the battery charge status and current range. Since users of the e.GO Life are just as varied as the design possibilities of an app, three different prototypes have been designed to serve the interests and needs of all e.GO Life drivers - from a complete detailed design to a balanced mixed mode and a cool lifestyle look. These also offer innovative features such as technology checks, connections to bike- and car sharing, range planning for frequent routes, also depending on the time of day and load, and remote control of the vehicle.

The cooperation: The development process of the "Companion App" for the e.GO Life was close coordinated between the students and the team of e.GO Mobile AG and e.GO Digital GmbH, the digitalization unit of e.GO Mobile AG, under the leadership of Gloria Kure-Wu (Expert Innovation Management). The launch of the project was in October 2019 at e.GO Digital in Aachen, whereupon the e.GO Team traveled to the new campus of the HSD to jointly define the concrete goals and work directions. The next iteration, based on the state of the art researched up to that point as well as typical use cases, was coordinated via video conference. The previously free drafts were thereby slightly adapted to the corporate design.

The presentation: At e.GO Digital in Aachen at the end of February 2020, the students presented their final designs, which were met with great approval and recognition. The conclusion of the project was the factory tour, during which the students and their supervisor were able to learn about the complete manufacturing process of the electric car "e.GO Life". The creative ideas and concepts developed and elaborated by the students in the project will be incorporated into the further product design of the existing app, which will support the owners of the e.GO Life. Insights into the elaborated results are available here.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf for making this great project possible, and especially Prof. Dr. Markus Dahm and his students for their great cooperation. The results are impressive and we are looking forward to our next project.