Simplify Growth.

We pursue a constantly agile innovation process to develop the digital business models of tomorrow. Our events, which we also realise externally for you, form a basis for that.


Increase the innovative drive of your company by jointly generating added values.

Added value is often created in a team and in situations that are not commonplace. A "Hackathon" makes use of this. Due to Hackathons space is created for the development of valuable future ideas. During a hackathon several teams develop ideas for tomorrow’s promising innovations in the shortest possible time - usually between 12 and 30 hours - and work them out technically. The results are then presented in pitching sessions. Both the potential of the elaborated solutions and the own learning of each participating person increase due to a hands-on mentality within the event as well as a diversity of competences and methods in the course of interdisciplinary constellations of the teams.

This event format, whose original word origin consists of a combination of the terms "hacking" and "marathon", has gained some importance today. The content and organizational concept of a hackathon can be individually designed to the company's goals. An essential aspect is achieved by this out-of-the-box methodology – creating space for the development of creative solutions and the testing of first prototypes.

In addition to agile development and testing of digital business models, Hackathons offer an opportunity to meet talents with excellent skills. Would you also like to maintain an innovative and modern corporate image? We would be happy to support you in the entire conception, organization, implementation and post-processing of your Hackathon.

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