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Make life simple - one platform for your home and on the road.

As a result of densely built cities, living spaces in urban and rural environments continue to change. Individual habits and an increasing flexibility in the daily lives of tenants raise a home’s standards.

Simultaneously, there are changes in the residents’ demands of mobility services. Not everyone feels the urge to possess their own car. Instead, mobility must be sustainable, comfortable, and low-priced. But alternative options to private cars often fail to completely satisy the users.  

At this point, e.Base enters the room. It offers residents a novel kind of car sharing and therefore a true alternative to already existing concepts of mobility – immediately and from your couch. e.Base allows shared short-term rentals for urban neighbourhoods and multi-family homes. By doing this, it represents an attractive alternative to existing concepts of mobility. e.Base is available at any time of the day for tenants and landlords. It operates individual requirements of long and short distances.

In addition to mobility, e.Base is a mobile companion through everyday life. Following this motto, e.Base simplifies all kinds of areas around your home. Digital notice board, communication platform, parcel counter, and much more – e.Base generates convenience with a variety of service packages apart from mobility.  


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Superior Mobility on Demand

Changes of living environments as well as technical developments have always called for a strategic human adaptability. With the vision of completely autonomous driving, a radical upheaval of mobility habitus seems tangibly near. This can be and has to be pre-thought even today. "Superior Mobility on Demand" represents a crucial pillar of our vision to holistically plan and make alive future mobility today. Starting from the question how mobility will be used tomorrow, we except changes regarding payment models, individuality and comfort of the offers, and generally towards a stronger focus on users’ needs, to take place.

Superior Mobility on Demand addresses those changes by using two components: the offering of individual, need-based mobility, and the possibility for a partner network to reach customers on utterly new ways.  

Mobility on Demand works as the following: Passengers call a shuttle bus right to their current location via a mobile terminal. They can also get out in close proximity of their target destination. Algorithm-driven ride-pooling as a complementing service to and under special consideration of the established local public transport and taxi industry helps reducing congestion in the long run and creating more livable city centers.  

We believe the time in the vehicle is not only a medium to reach a destination, but can be designed to become more usable. We see ourselves in the position not only to bring the user to their target destination, but virtually to convey the target to the user. Through the possibility to present valuable content to the user already in the vehicle, we combine our partners’ physical and digital presence and change the perimeters of mobility.


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Mobility on Demand

Talking Cards

With the "Talking Cards" App printed media are brought to life with the help of augmented reality videos.

The videos are stored in the backend of the app. They are retrieved and projected onto an appropriately indexed print medium so that, for example, a person starts talking on a card. Conventional print media become more attractive through this innovative extension of functionality. All the user has to do with the camera of his/her device is capture the map. In addition, augmented reality scenes can be displayed and vividly present products. Far-reaching fields of application in marketing, human resources or education are conceivable.


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Talking Cards

Configuration App

Visualized configuration of the e.GO Life electric car for sales support and at home in a relaxed atmosphere.

With the "Configurator App" interested customers can individually design the e-car e.GO Life. The virtual model can be displayed in combined equipment variants, e.g. different colors or rims. The app is used in e.GO pop-up stores to support sales. In the medium term, customers will also be able to use it from their living room to go to the e.GO sales consultant with a specific idea of their personal car.