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To illustrate our competences we publish a selection of our projects and products. Contact us for your individual solution!

Enterprise Cockpit

All relevant information and KPIs are visualized in personal dashboards

Keeping an eye on key figures is an important leadership tool for management. “Enterprise Cockpit” processes all company-relevant key figures in an accessible way. This digital solution is designed with the user in the centre. Access is granted through a mobile app as well as through any browser as a desktop application. The inserted technologies allow an interaction with the data and support the management level in finding data-based decisions. At the same time, e.GO wins inner capacity, hitherto having been used for the resource-intensive manual generation of business reports.

Quality Gate App

Fast error tracking and simple documentation in the light tunnel

There can be a lot of pressure at the end-of-line test station since the quality control inspectors are really pushed for time. Nonetheless, possible blemished of the car interior as well as exterior must be documented fast and precisely. For this field, the “Quality Gate App” is used in the e.GO factory to guarantee the quality of the e.GO Life. It enables the tester to simply upload a picture, while documenting any errors and flaws. In addition, the testing history of every vehicle ID is retrievable and can be send as a report.

Integrity Quality Assurance (QA) App

Simple communication between testing and Lifecycle Management Tool

At the continuous test operation of a vehicle prototype, a lot of information to be documented is collected during the day. Paper-based protocols of the testing only help in the short run and provoke tedious processes of data handling. Our “Quality Assurance App” simplifies this documentation. It can be used with or without wifi access in the e.GO prototype hangar and thus represents a direct interface to the Lifecycle Management Tool. By using this method and app, the test outcomes are sent to and saved in the respective tool.  

Time Trackr

The "Time Trackr" is designed to meet the agile challenges of prototyping.

Employees can log in and out via a worker cockpit and transparently communicate progresses. The system implements discipline-specific time recording for project controlling and automated creation of project reports in line with the requirements. There is an agile planning of development sprints based on time shadowing of the teams for all the tasks from the taskboard. The app thus serves as a management cockpit for prototype controlling and for creating work plans.