Creating Apps.

Apps aim to master certain exercises fast and easily. A great number of apps are used in daily life. But how can apps increase efficiency in business processes? Which app-based customer services make physical products better and increase customer satisfaction? e.GO Digital identifies potentials of digital transformation and develops successful user centric digital products.

Simplify Work.

Business processes can be optimized by constant communication, by offering user-adequate information, and by data-based observation of trends. e.GO Digital develops apps that simplify business processes along the entire value chain.

Simplify Life.

Products are more than the sum of their physical components. Digital services along the product's entire life cycleare of increased importance. e.GO Digital develops app-based services for the digital refinement of products and thus simplifies the users' life.

Simplify Growth.

Dynamic changes of our time force companies to continuously evolve. New business models need open-mindedness. Successful market disruptions require a quick reaction. e.GO Digital develops disruptive ideas with a creative and highly digital team to create new business opportunities.

Our Process.

We work as an agile app factory to enhance the development of turnkey-solutions for all digital acceleration activities. That enables us to go from idea to market-rollout within weeks.

Identification of pain points
for customers, employees & partners

Assessment and prioritization
of most attractive solutions

MVP development and testing
within e.GO ecosystem

Market-rollout and upscaling
using diverse sales channels